We are nationwide, helping companies, individuals and families preserve their stories and histories.
We conduct oral history video and audio interviews and write the stories. We also do the genealogy research, restore your photos and craft personalized graphics for your custom-bound book.
We have worked with clients from all walks of life—including Oscar winners and a Kennedy Center honoree—to produce their memoirs and family and company histories.

Have you…

…regretted having no recorded historic account of the company you built?

…talked about recording a family member telling their stories for future generations, but not gotten around to it?

…meant to write your own life story, but the task seems daunting?

…wanted to research your genealogy or go through that old shoebox of photos, but can’t find the time?

Engage the services of experienced personal historians.

Both former journalists for the San Francisco Chronicle, authors Kristin and Duffy now focus their talents conducting video and audio oral history interviews, which they will craft into a storyline for a book. They also provide genealogy research, photo restoration services and custom graphics such as maps, time lines and family trees.

Kristin Delaplane

For over 20 years, Kristin Delaplane had an interview column and then a history feature, both garnering high readership. She is the author of several books and works with museums developing their collections.

For more than 25 years, Kristin has been helping people preserve their stories and history through oral history recordings, genealogical research and heritage photos, publishing these histories in custom-bound books.

Kristin was inspired by a missed opportunity: “My father was an exceptional storyteller. We always talked about recording him. A thousand times I coulda, woulda, shoulda captured his voice, and today I would be able to listen to his stories. Now he is gone and it will never happen. How exciting that I can help others save their stories.”

Duffy Jennings

Author Duffy Jennings was an investigative reporter whose work was considered for the Pulitzer Prize. He has been a public relations executive with high-profile organizations.

Duffy’s distinguished career includes work as a nationally recognized newspaper reporter and editor, public relations professional, magazine publisher and freelance writer.

Duffy’s journalism expertise includes 13 years as an award-winning reporter, City Hall correspondent and assistant city editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, where his work was submitted for Pulitzer Prize consideration. He brings his keen insight and writing skills to the professional and comprehensive personal history services of Our American Stories.

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Interview photo courtesy The University of Florida Samuel Proctor Oral History Program