Company Histories

We specialize in all types of business histories, including public and private companies, nonprofits and foundations.

Our most recent project is chronicling the history of the tugboat company Baydelta Maritime. The project includes a series of video oral history interviews with the three owners, all former San Francisco Bay Bar Pilots, who have operated the company since 1993.

In this clip, Captain Jack Going describes the new regulations and how that affected Baydelta Maritime.

Duffy Jennings and Kristin Delaplane of Our American Stories produced this oral history project with the support of The Oral History Center, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, where the final product is archived. The Bancroft Library was greatly enthusiastic to add this important history to its Maritime History Series. OAS has several oral histories archived at this depository, one of the largest and most heavily used libraries in the United States.

Shouldn’t your company have a permanent record of its history?

We are offering a half-hour session to explore avenues for preserving your company’s history utilizing that history to set your company apart and, as a bonus, key into employee loyalty.

Isn’t it so true that listening to someone talk about their business is often more riveting than reading about their business? Oral history recordings give the founder or leader of the company the opportunity to relate those small—but oh-so-interesting—details and emotions that don’t often make it into the written accounts of history.

Are you rehashing the same marketing tactics?

With oral history accounts in hand, you just need a little imagination to create marketing campaigns that pop, capture the imagination, and personalize your business.

Has your company branding captured your employees’ excitement?

Oral history accounts give your business a face and, when presented to employees, freshens their outlook and pride in the company.

Have you developed a meaningful research archive?

A company’s oral history provides a detailed look at the past, and this often proves quite valuable for reference and perspective as leaders make major decisions about the company’s future.

Also, because we view oral histories as solid historical accounts, business students are encouraged to seek out these business histories, as they offer personality and emphasis in ways that books simply cannot.

We use the most modern technology to preserve our oldest form of storytelling.

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done. I’m very, very pleased with the professional manner in which you put everything together.”
— Joe D.