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Memoirs & Oral History Interviews

Live Recordings (Video or Audio). Important to you is the fact that we bring a standout, dynamic skill set to your personal project with our experience of over 30 years conducting interviews with people from all walks of life, working as investigative reporters, and performing historical research.

Because your project is being undertaken by experienced historians and journalists, all facts are checked and checked again so as to produce an authentic legacy. True, a person’s memory is never going to be a hundred percent on the mark and we allow for that. But in the background, we are working with documents, charts, and time lines and checking historical events to make sure the facts are ultimately presented as accurately as possible.

What is Oral History? These interviews seek to obtain first-hand information and perspectives from individuals about their business and personal events and day-to-day life. Oral histories focus on a person’s direct knowledge and experiences and thus can prove valuable to museums or other archives by providing these unique remembrances. A trained historian seeks to not only have the memoirist talk about their life or company, but to also impart their perceptions about life during the eras they have lived in.

Ten Year Bonus. For ten years we will migrate your recordings to the latest high-tech format. Technology advances with lightning speed. The reel-to-reel tapes and cassette recordings of the twentieth century are now all but obsolete. And today’s CDs are quickly giving way to flash drives. We do not want you to lose your treasured recordings due to these advances, so for ten years we will be sure your recordings are transferred to the latest digital format.

“When we were moving across country, we packed those photos in a box for the moving van. A day later there was a fire in the van and all our photos were lost.”
— Gaye Lane Delaplane
Manuscripts to Books

Narratives. Now that the interviews are complete you have a Question & Answer transcript. We can transform this into a riveting story. You are in the best hands. One of our writers had his work submitted for Pulitzer Prize consideration. One of our writers has authored several books including family histories for well-known celebrities. We invite you to latch on to our storytelling talents so that your history is a standout. 

Family histories. A boring story is unnecessary. We have seen many family history manuscripts. Unfortunately, they are usually pages of genealogy information and include little to no storytelling. And even then the stories are overshadowed with census records, property deeds, birth certificates, etc. Fortunately, this does not have to be the result. Creating personal history books is an art form and you can rest assured your manuscript is in capable hands. It will be a compelling, well-crafted story written from the oral history interviews and diligent historical research.

Your book. A riveting book has a look, like a well-decorated home. We have spent years perfecting the presentation of these memoirs and histories. We will design a layout just for you. We will create personalized graphics and illustrations such as time lines, maps, historical photos, and family or company trees. The inclusion of your photos will speak to the storyline. If you have older photographs that are losing their color or in some other way have some damage, we can help you restore those photos. Our high-end photo restoration services allow us to print quality archival photographs for your book.

Paul Vogel of Vogel Bindery crafting an heirloom book.

Bookbinder Paul Vogel has bound books for many luminaries and notable families, and he crafted the binding for Pope John Paul’s autobiography.

photo courtesy Architectural Digest


Your genealogy in one easy read. Unlike many genealogy manuscripts, we take pains to condense our genealogy research into easy bites. We clearly outline the branches of your tree with the stories of the ancestors.

Then in the Appendices we thoroughly and chronologically present the source records such as the census reports, death certificates, military records and so forth. This allows the reader to enjoy a cup-of-tea narrative read of the family history and still gives the family a proper document of the resources.

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”
— Rudyard Kipling
The Promise

You know how so many people talk about recording their grandparents and parents to capture the family stories? Have you reached “seniorhood,” that time when we realize we have a story and are the holders of the family history?

Often these realizations come up during the holidays when the family gathers and the stories pour forth. Yet few people take action, much to their regret.

Don’t make my mistake. Take that step today to honor your stories and save the family history.

What about that box in a closet full of family papers and photographs that you have been meaning to go through, but it feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin? Yet, when talking about what you would take from the house if there was fire, isn’t it that box?

Now is the time to preserve those special mementos.

Have you tried to put together your genealogy, but find it tedious? Have you attempted to write your family history, but get lost with all the dates and census records and feel that the story lacks excitement?

We have a dedicated and experienced team that will thoroughly research your family tree. We go way beyond Ancestry.com in our efforts on your behalf.

With the vast experience and skills the Our American Stories team will creatively pull together a dynamic family story for you and publish it in a beautiful heirloom book.

Our Commitment

At Our American Stories we are committed to helping people capture and preserve memoirs or family and company stories. We are also about preserving history and these personal remembrances, which provide unique accounts about events and places and have great historic value.

No material we gather will be potentially libelous or slanderous and we will not include information that could be hurtful to anyone. Our focus is to remain professional throughout the project process and provide our clients with quality products and the highest standards of service.

Don’t procrastinate a day longer.

Contact us. The opportunity is now.