About Our American Stories

How many of us really know our family histories?

Recording these stories and putting together the family history is one project almost everyone promises they will get around to some day. Or perhaps you already have your history somewhat organized, but could use assistance in putting it all under one roof and maybe adding to it. We would love to meet with you and discuss a plan to best achieve your goals.

It is simply a matter of engaging the services of experienced personal historians.

We have been saving people’s memoirs and family and company stories for more than 25 years through oral history video and audio recordings. For our clients who want a book of their history, we put our experienced interviewing and writing skills to work to produce good reads. We then enhance these stories with a mix of photos, family trees, maps, and time lines.

Kristin Delaplane and Duffy Jennings have been conducting interviews and working as writers since the early 1970s. They both worked at the San Francisco Chronicle where Kristin was an interviewer and columnist and Duffy was a prize-winning reporter, whose work was submitted for a Pulitzer Prize nomination. It is their second nature to establish comfortable and trusting relationships with the people they are interviewing so that the stories flow forth.

Contact us. The opportunity is now.

“Oral histories show appropriate respect for the lives and experiences of those who have come before. And, just as important, they document those remembrances, for once those lives are over, that personal knowledge is lost forever.”
— David Baldacci